The Divine Comedy - Elevator

New Album “The Divine Comedy”

BEIJING, June 22, 2013 – The Ai Weiwei Studio released Ai Weiwei’s first music album, “The Divine Comedy”, today to commemorate the second anniversary of his release from an 81-day secret detention.

The single “Dumbass”, premiered last month along with its music video, is included in the album. “The Divine Comedy” features six tracks with vocals and lyrics by Ai Weiwei, and music by Zuoxiao Zuzhou. Each song is a different take of Ai’s newfound channel for expression through music. The album includes commentaries on current events (Just Climb the Wall, Hotel USA), documentations of real dialogues (Chaoyang Park, Laoma Tihua), and personal reflections (Give Tomorrow Back to Me, Dumbass). The full album crosses musical genres with influences from pop, rock, punk and heavy metal, and takes us on a journey through Ai’s experience with the conditions of China. Continue reading

The Divine Comedy - Dumbass

Single and Music Video “Dumbass” Released

BEIJING, May 22, 2013 – The Ai Weiwei Studio released Ai Weiwei’s new heavy metal single, “Dumbass”, the first piece of Ai Weiwei’s forthcoming music album “The Divine Comedy”.

On the choice of music as his latest creative endeavor, Ai explains, “During my detention, the conditions were very restrictive, but the guards would often secretly ask me to sing for them. Being in that environment makes me realize that for these people, the only available release or means to kill time, is music. I felt deeply sorry that I couldn’t do it, either I was not in the mood or I didn’t think I can sing. The only songs I knew were the revolutionary ones. It is the same for many Chinese people; we had to memorize every red song. Creating music is a way to break through that situation.” Continue reading

The Fake Case

The Fake Case is the definitive source for information on the Chinese authorities’ “tax case” against Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist who was secretly detained for 81 days from April 3 to June 22, 2011. The charges of tax evasion, online dissemination of pornography, and bigamy that were levied against Ai are widely perceived as political retaliation for his outspoken criticism of the government.